IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services is committed to sustainable solutions and encourages our customers to find environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. These alternatives can save you money while reducing our carbon footprint! 

Motorized Scooters

Scooters are growing in popularity and are quickly becoming a means of getting to and around campus. They are environmentally friendly and provide another great alternative to driving a vehicle, and they are fun to ride. And like walking, they let you spend your commute outside. Be sure to read the rules of the road and how to stay safe.


Bicycling is one of the fastest, healthiest and most cost-effective means to get around the IUPUI campus! No matter if it is once a week or every day of the year, bicycling benefits everyone from the reduced traffic congestion to the lowered carbon monoxide emissions and cleaner air. Click here for a list of bike racks located around the campus. Don't forget to register your bike! For registration information and more details about the BIKEIUPUI program, please click here.


IUPUI is a beautiful campus which is why more and more visitors, students and employees are choosing to walk. The campus offers an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with plenty of trees and green spaces. And because many of the buildings are connected with walkways, walking in the snow or rain is never a problem. Walking is one of the healthiest and economical means of transportation on campus!


Carpooling allows you to save money as well as wear and tear on your vehicle and it’s better for the environment! Fewer cars on the road means reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Did we mention your carpool gets an EM or a garage permit (based upon garage availability) and each member only pays half the EM permit rate? It gets better! Each member is also issued three (3) 1-day temporary passes good for free parking in the EM parking area. Click here to read more about carpooling at IUPUI!

Campus Commute Service

In an effort to provide a low-cost, convenient option for travelers between IU Bloomington and IUPUI, Indiana University has partnered with GO Express Travel to offer a shuttle service between the two campuses. Shuttles depart from IUPUI four times per day Monday through Friday.

IndyGo Bus

IndyGo has three lines that currently serve the IUPUI campus. Route 10 serves 10th Street, Route 3 serves Michigan St., and Route 37 serves the west end of campus. Click here for detailed information about IndyGo routes.

Pacers Bikeshare

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare is a program of Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICT, Inc.) With 25 stations and 250 bikes, the Pacers Bikeshare bikes are available to anyone with a 24-Hour Pass or Annual Membership. Purchase a 24-Hour Pass at any bikeshare station kiosk or an Annual Membership online. Click here for more information


Zipcar has come to IUPUI. The Zipcar program allows students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in a car-sharing program that helps the environment and also reduces the number of cars on campus. Click here for more information on the Zipcar program at IUPUI.

Commuter Connect

Commuter Connect is a service of Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority which aims to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. Commuter Connect offers commuting solutions to area employers and employees in nine counties, including Marion county.

There are many alternatives to traveling alone in your car. Commuter Connect aims to provide services to help you leave your car at home. Click here to learn more about their services or call (317) 327-RIDE (7433).

Have questions? Contact HRA at (317) 274-7617 for answers.

IUPUI Sustainability

For more information about IUPUI sustainability programs, please visit the IUPUI Office of Sustainability page.

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